The Rhode Island Association of Family and Consumer Sciences   

                                       Kathleen Hird Memorial Scholarship                     



This scholarship is for a student pursuing a career in a related Family & Consumer Sciences area of study. Priority will be given to students who have taken FCS courses or have been a FCCLA member in high school.

Award: $500 - Deadline: April 1, 2013

Applicant’s name:  _______________________________________________________

                                                Last                                          First                                          MI

 Address:                  ________________________________________________________

                                                Number                                     Street


                                                City                                          State                            Zip code 

Parent/Guardian: _________________________________________________________

                                                Last                                                      First 

Telephone number: _________________ Email ________________________________

High School: ____________________________________________________________

Guidance Counselor: _____________________________________________________

Recommending FCS Teacher: ______________________________________________


1. List the high school FCS courses completed. Specify if ¼, ½, 1 yr course.









 2. List extracurricular activities, sports, student council, clubs, band, etc. (Use a separate paper if needed)

a. ____________________________________________________________________





 3. Leadership:  Identify any leadership roles/officer positions held and years of     participation, awards or recognitions.

a. _____________________________________________________________________


b. _____________________________________________________________________


c. _____________________________________________________________________ 


4. List years for FCCLA membership, identify any offices held

 Year(s) of Membership ________________________________ 

 Chapter Office(s) held: ________________________________

 State Office(s) held)___________________________________




5. List community service projects completed. Do not include service completed per court order, or fund raisers (walkathons, etc.). Include place, hours, & contact person with telephone number for credit.  

            Type of service                 #hours                Contact                Phone #




6. Indicate the colleges/schools you are applying to in order of preference and course

of study.

a. ____________________________________  Course of study___________________

b. ____________________________________  Course of study___________________

c. ____________________________________  Course of study___________________

7. Write a one page statement (minimum 200 words) stating how FCS courses have influenced you in your personal/career choices. (Use a separate piece of paper)

Attach a letter of recommendation from a Family & Consumer teacher.

Submit a high school transcript with form.

Only complete application packets will be reviewed. The packet can be mailed to: 

                        RIAFCS Scholarship     PO Box 10456      Cranston, RI  02910

The scholarship winner will be notified by May 15, 2013.

If you have questions, please contact Pat Kolanko:



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